Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We love our Firefighter Daddy!

A couple of months ago Quincy had a Fireman Appreciation Day. All the area fire departments came together and had a parade, a speaker, and games all day. It was kind of a rainy day (imagine that), but definitely was fun and worth the acknowledgement! Above is kind of blurry, but Chad is two guys in from the right. This is part of the Quincy Fire Department that walked in the parade.

Lauren didn't make it because she wasn't feeling well, and it was raining on top of it. But here's the rest of us!

Ella loves her daddy.
This is Chad's youngest sister, Kaleena. She is going to be a sophomore at college this fall. Isn't he handsome! :)

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Lesley said...

Camissa! I had no idea you blogged too! I can't believe your girls are so big! The last time I saw you, the youngest was still in the womb.