Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Audrey Left Me!

My good friend, Audrey, left ADM Quincy to go to work at our corporate headquarters in Decatur, IL. We had a "little" night out for her on her last Friday in Quincy. Here is her boss' boss..."Cheers to Audrey."

Audrey (on the left) and Jenny B.

Jenny J, Meghan, and Jenny B.

Me and Tory!

Tory, Audrey, Lisa, and me...we had a good time.. ;)

The Chad, Audrey, Bria

Audrey's boss, Dave, thought it would be a great idea for us to have a tequila shot! Cheers, Audrey. I miss you!!!

Chad's Birthday..which was in February!

Okay some I'm behind...at least I'm not like Geni B. (I mean Geni A.) and still uploading Christmas pictures!!! :) LOL!! We had Chad's parents over for dinner on Chad's birthday on the 18th of February...the same day as my cousin Emily had her new baby, Kinley.

Most of the gang minus me who is always taking the pictures.

Chad's youngest sister, Kaleena lighting the candles.

Papa Mike, Gavin, Chad's sister Shelley, and her husband Kurt.

Happy Birthday, Dear Daddy....!!!

Easter at Mom and Dad's

Amaya, Ella, and Mom decorating Easter egg sugar cookies.

Everyone got a kick out of Lauren decorating the cookies. She had sugar everywhere. Somehow I doubt we got away with making that kind of mess when we were kids! ;)

"Antny" helping out...

Antny and Karka...

Lauren was upset here because we took one of her cookies away to swap out for a new one b/c she had so much sugar on it! Lauren knows how to throw a good fit! I guess she learned from the best! ;)

Ella and Mammy, and my Grandma.

Ella and Mammy...

My brother the expert kite flier.

Papa and Lauren checking out the kites.

Anthony helping the kiddos with their bubble guns...as good as Anthony was with the kids, I think they need one of their own! :)

Ella getting attacked by Auston!

All the kids love Jackie.

Lauren and her bubble gun. Notice it's upside down. Mom would have to help her "prime" the bubbles and then she could shoot them like this until they ran out...then she got mad, then mom helped her, then she got mad b/c she wanted to do it herself, and on and on...Lauren the independant!

Mom trying to keep Lauren all smiles!

Ella loves bubbles!

Easter Morning

The bunny found our house! Here is Ella and some of her loot from the day.

Trying out some of the new goodies. I think the Easter Bunny thought we had plenty of toys so he focused on "Crayola" type gifts, shoes, swim suits, etc... :)

Lauren and her tadoodles...

"Wow!!!" I caught this shot as they were running in the living room.

Flip-flops!!!! Ella's favorite!

Lauren loves Pooh!
Ella's swim suit..she likes the ones that have "skirts."

All of the loot before the girls dug in!

Easter Vigil

Mommy and Ella. Lauren wasn't cooperating (imagine that) for our pictures. So her presence is limited in our pictures! :) We went to Saturday night service and only made it an hour and a half of the 3 hour mass. Lauren was done! It was neat thought, and Ella really enjoyed the candle prosession...

Lauren...20 months.

Ella...3 years and 6 months

The pretty girls.

Daddy and Ella before church.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Part I

Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Here are some pictures that my mom took at her house yesterday, and a couple from the previous weekend at my Uncle Bruce's house. I will post a bunch more...hopefully tomorrow, but we all know what kind of blogger I am..so we'll see. :)

The girls dancing in their pretty dresses.

My brother and Lauren decorating cookies...she loved it...Mom's floor is covered in sugar.

Mammy and Papa.

The girls at my Grandma's house before Uncle Bruce's big Easter Egg Hunt! She is an eclectic decorator... :) (Notice the hanging duck)! ;)