Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to Dance with Miss Beth!

Lauren occupying herself with a snack while waiting! She is much better this year...which means less chasing for me! ;)

Ella is the 2nd one from Miss Beth in the black leotard with Hanna Montana on the front...go figure!

She loves dance, and I can already tell how much she has progressed since last year. I am very glad we stayed with Heinze!


All the little girls...

Lauren was 2!!!

Such a big girl!!!

2 years old!!!

August 09...waiting on Ella at dance.

In May/June 09.

1.5 at Easter time.

One year old on vacation!

At her first birthday!!!

August rock wall climber.

July 08...Lauren almost one.

The girls at Christmas 07...Lauren about 5 months.

Daddy and Lauren...about a month.

Mommy and her girls...Lauren about 2 weeks.

Lauren Ann on August 3, 2007...all 7 pounds of her!

Way Behind!!

Just a warning that I was way behind (and still am)! I don't have any of Lauren's second birthday on here. My mom has the pictures, but I will get them added as soon as she gives them to me...just didnt' want you to think we left her out! She had a big Elmo party in the midst of all of our August/September chaos!!! :)

The Cowgirl Birthday Party!!!

Friday night the 9th, we had Ella's birthday party at our house. It rained all day, and we ended up cancelling the hayride, but we had the wiener roast, and most everyone we invited was able to make it in spite of the wet and cold. Ella wanted to have a pink cowgirl party. She had the boots and the bandana, so I had a cake made and it turned out really cute...

She's so big!
My babies!!

I love this picture!

I was so hot in these pictures...I am sweating really bad and changed shortly after. I guess it wasn't as cold as I thought! ;)

We got Ella this hopscotch game, and she loves it. It is a "Melissa and Doug" brand...for those of you who are looking for a neat gift.

Some of the kiddos!

Some of our guests...

Carisa's Wedding

Saturday after Ella's party, the girls and I drove to Columbia to go to my friend, Carisa Berti's wedding. We got to Columbia early afternoon and checked in the hotel so we could take a nap! The girls and I slept for over 2 hours. We needed it! Here they are goofing around the hotel room after naptime.

Lauren wanted out of the playpen so Ella pushed this chair up there so she could climb out!

The girls before the wedding!!


Can you feel the excitement in this picture???!!! It cracks me up.

Ella was a dancing machine. Just ask her she'll tell you she was. I don't think she ever stopped dancing...even to eat wedding cake!

Lolo...I don't think she ever quit running away! Todd (Michelle Dimmitt's husband) found her for me once when I was frantically looking for her....Let's just say this wasn't the most relaxing trip ever!

The only picture I had of Carisa leading the locomotion! She was absolutely beautiful, and I hope that her and Matt have a wonderful life together!!!

Ella in the "train."

Ella dancing...Lauren watching. Notice the girl in the short white dress behind Ella? It's Kelsey Carisa's niece. Ella fell in love with her (and her dress which had black sparkly butterflies on it)!! Whereve Kelsey was on the dance floor that is where your would find Ella! :)

I think this is the one time that night that Lauren sat for like 5 consecutive minutes. She was blowing bubbles...but we had a good time, and I'm glad we went. It was nice to catch up with Brooke, Michelle, Carisa, and Lauren. As well as see some friends from Shelbina.

Branson in July

So our lives have been a little crazy since we got home at the end of July. We went to Branson for 5 nights at the end July, and while we were there we found out about the house that we now live in. We got back on a Tuesday and were in contract with these people before we even got home after being gone for 6 days. Then we had to come home and get our house ready to put on the market. So we got home, bought a house, got back to our house and started ripping out the last bathroom that we had to do yet that night. Needless to say the rest of our summer (August, September, and the first 2 weeks of October) have been ridiculously crazy and busy. I am WAY behind on posts and don't even know where to begin so if things are out of order just bear with me!

Lauren at Silver Dollar City. I didn't hardly get any pictures on vacation. I tired to relax, and that meant I just went with the flow without my camera.

Mommy and Ella before Dixie Stampede

Daddy and Lauren before Dixie Stampede. We've been several times, but they absolutley loved it this year...and ate really well!

Checking out the fish at Bass Pro Shops.

Notice Lauren's leash? It was actually kind of nice to have, and she loved it.

Lauren at the go carts.

A rare Mommy/Daddy pic.

On the merry go ride!

We spent way too much money riding go carts while we were gone, but the girls loved it!

My little poser...