Friday, December 5, 2008

Family, fun!

A couple of weekends ago we went to Sears for the annual picture taking for our Christmas cards. The family pictures went pretty well, but by the time we switched props and backgrounds Lauren was DONE! Here is the only picture we got of the girls. Check out Lauren!

My big girl!

Too sweet.

Choice #1

Choice #2...this is what we went with for our cards....which I mailed today! :)

Thanksgiving at Aunt Diane's

We had two stops on Thanksgiving. The first was at my Aunt Diane's back in MO. It was great to see all the kiddos that we don't get to see enough...but we missed my cousin Amy and her two boys, Isaiah and Braydon. See you in a couple of weeks, guys! Here are the "good kids" that pose for pictures when asked...Coltin, my cousin and Kaelyn, my cousin Emily's little girl.

Here are three of the four kiddos that made the picture. Kaelyn is going to get a new baby sister in February. If you ask her what the baby's name is she replies, "Sally Linda."

Here's my baby...she was up to no good most of the day...somehow hanging out around a bunch of grandma's makes kids act up! :) I guess that's what holidays are for!

Here's me and my baby, Ella. She was Momma's girl most of the day. She came down with strep throat a couple of days after this so that could explain most of the clingyness.

She rarely looks directly into the camera...

...and finally my little monkey!