Monday, November 9, 2009

Visiting Daddy in the Field

We miss our daddy! As a lot of you can relate, the girls and I have been on our own the past few weeks. So when we can, we try to make it out to the field to take lunch or just make a quick visit. Yesterday was so pretty that we took lunch and had a little picnic with Daddy!

They were running to see him. ;)

Lauren on a mission to shut the HAD to be done. :)

Garrett's 5th Birthday

To finish off the gorgeous day we had Saturday, we headed out to my sister-in-law's house for my nephew's 5th birthday party. We had a weiner roast and a hayride. The weather was absolutely perfect. We wanted to have a hayride for Ella's birthday, but the weather just didn't cooperate. Saturday, however, was perfect. I didn't get any pics of the party, but the hayride was a hit! Above is Chad's dad and Garrett's brother, Gavin along with Ella, Lauren, Chad, and our friend, Maggie.

Me, Ella, and Maggie...

Nice...She is something... :)

Papa, Gavin, Garrett, and his mom, Shelley in the background.

This turned out okay for a self portrait.

Jenna Mae

Kaleena and Logan

Maggie and Ella

Mama and Lo

Enjoying November!

Saturday had to be the nicest day of fall! The girls and I spent the morning at the park while Chad was at his captain's test. We're used to being on our own this time of year! So we made the most of the day by spending a lot of it outside. We hung out at the park for a couple of hours and made a lunch trip to McDonalds...or as Lauren calls it "PinkDonalds"...don't ask...I don't know. Here are a bunch of shots of the girls playing and being silly...Enjoy!

Getting them both to sit still for the camera is virtually impossible...these are the best 2!

I do like these two pictures of Ella...she is turning into a little model...she actually likes getting her picture taken now.

She was so proud of herself for climing up and sitting on these stools. Yay!!! :)

Playing in the leaves...hope there are more days like this in store for November. We had a blast!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lauren's 2nd Birthday...finally! :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, November! We had just gotten back from vacation on a Tuesday, bought a house that same day, tore out our last bathroom on Wednesday, and was in the middle of putting it back together along with many other last minute improvements while we had Lauren's birthday on Friday of that week. It was a busy month...August was. My mom had the only pictures from Lauren's party. My camera wasn't unpacked from vacation, so Mom took the pics. Here is my baby! She's getting to big and is plenty full of attitude to go with it!

Mom and Lo.

My grandma, "Gran" and Lo.

Almost too tempting...

The balloons were the biggest hit of the party!

My big 2 year old!

Have to have some "nem & nems".. :)

Lo is all personality...I wonder where she got that from???!!!

My two pretty girls!

Enjoying dinner...

Serving cake....

Opening presents....(i wish i were still this tan!!)

Notice the change in outfit??? Lauren HAD to put on her new Dora jammies before we could continue opening gifts...we had plenty of help with that!