Monday, November 9, 2009

Enjoying November!

Saturday had to be the nicest day of fall! The girls and I spent the morning at the park while Chad was at his captain's test. We're used to being on our own this time of year! So we made the most of the day by spending a lot of it outside. We hung out at the park for a couple of hours and made a lunch trip to McDonalds...or as Lauren calls it "PinkDonalds"...don't ask...I don't know. Here are a bunch of shots of the girls playing and being silly...Enjoy!

Getting them both to sit still for the camera is virtually impossible...these are the best 2!

I do like these two pictures of Ella...she is turning into a little model...she actually likes getting her picture taken now.

She was so proud of herself for climing up and sitting on these stools. Yay!!! :)

Playing in the leaves...hope there are more days like this in store for November. We had a blast!

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