Monday, October 12, 2009

Branson in July

So our lives have been a little crazy since we got home at the end of July. We went to Branson for 5 nights at the end July, and while we were there we found out about the house that we now live in. We got back on a Tuesday and were in contract with these people before we even got home after being gone for 6 days. Then we had to come home and get our house ready to put on the market. So we got home, bought a house, got back to our house and started ripping out the last bathroom that we had to do yet that night. Needless to say the rest of our summer (August, September, and the first 2 weeks of October) have been ridiculously crazy and busy. I am WAY behind on posts and don't even know where to begin so if things are out of order just bear with me!

Lauren at Silver Dollar City. I didn't hardly get any pictures on vacation. I tired to relax, and that meant I just went with the flow without my camera.

Mommy and Ella before Dixie Stampede

Daddy and Lauren before Dixie Stampede. We've been several times, but they absolutley loved it this year...and ate really well!

Checking out the fish at Bass Pro Shops.

Notice Lauren's leash? It was actually kind of nice to have, and she loved it.

Lauren at the go carts.

A rare Mommy/Daddy pic.

On the merry go ride!

We spent way too much money riding go carts while we were gone, but the girls loved it!

My little poser...

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