Monday, October 12, 2009

Carisa's Wedding

Saturday after Ella's party, the girls and I drove to Columbia to go to my friend, Carisa Berti's wedding. We got to Columbia early afternoon and checked in the hotel so we could take a nap! The girls and I slept for over 2 hours. We needed it! Here they are goofing around the hotel room after naptime.

Lauren wanted out of the playpen so Ella pushed this chair up there so she could climb out!

The girls before the wedding!!


Can you feel the excitement in this picture???!!! It cracks me up.

Ella was a dancing machine. Just ask her she'll tell you she was. I don't think she ever stopped dancing...even to eat wedding cake!

Lolo...I don't think she ever quit running away! Todd (Michelle Dimmitt's husband) found her for me once when I was frantically looking for her....Let's just say this wasn't the most relaxing trip ever!

The only picture I had of Carisa leading the locomotion! She was absolutely beautiful, and I hope that her and Matt have a wonderful life together!!!

Ella in the "train."

Ella dancing...Lauren watching. Notice the girl in the short white dress behind Ella? It's Kelsey Carisa's niece. Ella fell in love with her (and her dress which had black sparkly butterflies on it)!! Whereve Kelsey was on the dance floor that is where your would find Ella! :)

I think this is the one time that night that Lauren sat for like 5 consecutive minutes. She was blowing bubbles...but we had a good time, and I'm glad we went. It was nice to catch up with Brooke, Michelle, Carisa, and Lauren. As well as see some friends from Shelbina.

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