Friday, June 20, 2008

Holding Back the River...or at least trying to..

I'm sure most of you are aware of the Mississippi River situation. Our community has been sand bagging for the past couple weeks. ADM (the company I work for) has been very involved in the efforts. We left work a few days this week to help with sand bagging for our levees.

One of the many friends we met while working. He was such a cute little man, and not to mention a good sand bag holder for me! :)

My friend Ann (in the red) and I were working with this team on Tuesday. You can see one of our many piles of bags we filled in the background. It was great to see all of the efforts of the community coming together for such an important cause. It was said that now there are more sand bags than will probably be used! Great work, Quincy! Hopefully the river will "cooperate" and hold out. We have lots of farm ground in the bottoms that are definitely in jeopardy along with many of our friends and family. Please keep the community in your thoughts.


Jessi said...

wow, I cant even imagine what you all are going through. I heard that Quincy had over 8,000 volunteers and filled 1.5 million sandbags....that is very impressive!

You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers!

The Claborn's said...

Hope you all are staying dry! Missouri is the talk of the town up here-- we are keeping you all in our prayers! :)