Monday, June 16, 2008

Everyone else is doing it...

Well, I guess I'll join the group and start a blog! It's neat to see how everyone else is doing, so we'll see if I can keep up a blog of our own.

My girls, Ella and Lauren, keep us very busy. Right now, we're just trying to keep head above water (literally!) here in Quincy, IL. Chad has been very involved with the Mississippi sandbagging efforts, and I am busy working and taking care of my babies. We've got my ten year class reunion this weekend and also the Clarence Homecoming! So we'll have an exciting weekend with Pink Mammy and Papa Paul.

Ella has two mammy's. So to tell the difference she has Mammy Kay (Chad's mom) and Pink Mammy (because Ella and my mom love the color pink!). We also have two Papa's so my dad has been designated to be called Papa when she says it, it sounds like Pa Pa Pa. Cute, right?

Here are some pictures of my babies:

All of the kiddos at Easter. L to R: Ella, Lauren,
Coltin (my cousin), Kaylen (my cousin Emily's baby),
Isaiah and Braydon (my cousin Amy's babies), and
my Aunt Diane! :)

Where's Daddy??

More to come this weekend...


Addie Yoder said...

I am so glad that you started a blog! We have to get together after I get done with my house project! It is going to be a little bit bigger than what we originally thought.

Mary Petersen said...

Hey! I knew you would do one! It would just take some time! Glad to see you are doing great! Hope the flood isn't getting you. We are getting soaked up here!

Jessi said...

Yeah Camissa- another blog to check and add to my list!

Lindy said...

I was so excited to see your blog Camissa! I haven't seen you since college (which was just yesterday, wasn't it?) Your girls are so cute, I look forward to seeing more pictures!
-Lindy Edwards Holt