Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Kitchen...Before and After. FINALLY!

Okay. So one of the main reasons I haven't blogged lately besides being out of town for a full week to Indianapolis for work (it was a LONG week!), is that we've been remodeling our kitchen. Chad did most all of work himself. We obviously had someone make our doors, and we ordered countertops, but he did the rest. I helped a little. I did most of the painting of the doors and in the kitchen. I am really happy with the results! We hadn't touched the kitchen since we moved in almost 6 years ago! I can't believe it's been that long. We'll have our 7 year anniversary in February. Anyways, check out my ugly kitchen Before and then After!

Nice, huh??

I know you all are jealous of this HOT stove and dual oven set straight from the 60's.

This isn't quite a "before" picture. I had taken down all of the wall paper prior to this picture, but I'm sure you get an idea of the ugliness!

The whole eyesore all at once!

And after...

We still have a few things to do...we're missing a few knobs which finally came in yesterday at Home Depot.

I really am happy with how the tin backsplash turned out!

Much better.

So needless to say this is one major project that we finally got checked of our list of home improvements. Next project will be the bathrooms. We're having some plumbing issues behind the wall and it's causing some issues with our floors.


Christa said...

Beautiful work on the kitchen, guys! I'm jealous of your nice, new space.

Jessi said...

Yeah for a new improved kitchen! Awesome job Chad (and Camissa!)

The Alexanders said...

Wow!!! I'm so jealous! I'll have to send you a picture of our nasty kitchen. I call it "Woody". Everything is brown...the walls (paneling), the floor, the cabinets, the furniture, the countertops (fake butcher block). It's just awful! Great job you guys...your new kitchen looks great!

The Legleiter's said...

This is awesome! I love the backsplash. You guys did great work.

Addie Yoder said...

It looks awesome! It feels so good to have it done, doesn't it!! We are still doing a little work on ours. I have 4 doors that need hung up and all of my hardware needs done, too. I bet it is much nicer to cook now!!