Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dancing Queen...

Ella started dance class last night at Heinze Dance Academy. She loves it!! Here is my baby all ready for class with her new dance bag.

She even had her hair all fixed up. Thanks Kelley!

Ready to go.

Checking everyone out.

We could look through the glass...the pictures aren't the greatest, but man she had fun. She's in the middle in her Hannah Montana leotard...

Beth is her teacher and Ella is the shortest one on the far side of the circle.

Miss Beth and Ella on the right sitting down which is what Beth told them to do. She did such a good job. We are very proud of her.

Following along to streches.

...and more streches

Ballerina poses...

At the end Beth told them all to huddle around her and listen. They all love her so much! She is wonderful with the kiddos. Ella is what I would consider 5th from the left. You can see her little face looking up at her teacher. She can't wait til next class. When we were walking out she said, "Momma I want to go again!" We are really happy she is enjoying this and doing so well with structured learning.


The Legleiter's said...

Oh my goodness! She is so cute. I loved all of the pictures. Hope you all are doing great.

Jessi said...

I love all the updates! What a big girl going to dance class!

I love the kisses through the door...I think that is better than the yucky screen- which is what my 2 try to do!

Addie Yoder said...

how cute is Ella at class!! I can't wait to meet her!! and Lauren, too, of course!