Monday, August 4, 2008

Payson Old Settlers

This past Saturday was Payson, IL's Old Settlers. Chad grew up in the Payson area, and we always put the kiddos in the Kiddie parade. This year's theme was Mardi Gras, as you can tell. Lauren had more fun with the even than Ella seemed too, but it was fun to watch them.

Lauren and Daddy before the parade.

Lauren was walking around like such a big girl.

We dressed them in super bright colors, and Ella being the girly girl that she is, already had all of the beads...she insisted on wearing her sunglasses rather than her mask.

Here is the little wagon that Lauren was riding in. Ella was convinced that she was going to pull her in the wagon.

I ended up having to walk with Ella in the parade. You can bet that I was super excited to do this! Chad's youngest sister, Kaleena, ended up pulling the wagon.

Lauren after the parade.

This is my nephew, Garrett. He will be four in November. He entered his bike in the bike contest. I thought it was super cute. We weren't brave enough to enter Ella and her princess bike. I think we're glad we didn't considering Ella's "mood" during the morning.

This is my newest nephew, Gavin. He is Garrett's baby brother. He was born June 27th. He spent the day in the stroller being a sweet little baby boy. He is the most content little guy.

This is my sister in law, Shelley. Garrett won 2nd in his age group in the tractor pull. He was one of the youngest in the group too. I know he'll be in the same age group next year too! Maybe he'll win it all next year. He was disappointed that he had to pedal a "red" tractor. He wanted to go home and get his "green" one. I know his dad was proud of that considering they farm with "blue" tractors! :)

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