Friday, August 1, 2008

Ella's New Bike and Lauren Walking...

Lauren does this cheesy grin every time you get the camera out!

Our rock wall climber...

I made it!

Ella and my dad. Mom and Dad made the trip over this past Sunday to see the girls. They had a hard time getting home considering Hwy. 36 was closed between Hunnewell and Lakenan.

Me and Lauren.

Papa and Lauren.

Lauren walking on the street. I was worried she would fall, but she did fine.

Everyone "helping" Ella up the driveway.

Lauren checking things out...

Ella proud of her new Princess Bike!!! Chad wanted to get her a John Deere bike, but she wanted a pink princess bike. I think that will be the theme of her birthday party!

Riding down the street.

She did pretty good for the first time. Uphill is a little hard though. Hey, that's hard for me!

We had to remove the Princess bag and water bottle because Ella was too distracted by it. She is such a girl. She wanted to go get her bracelets and necklaces so she could put them in there. We told her she needed to learn how to ride her bike first!

The pretty princess and her new bike!


Jessi said...

What a big girl bike! Very impressive Ella!

Wendy said...

Hi Camissa!

Thanks for leaving the comments on my blog. Your girls are beautiful! I bet Ava and Ella would have a great time together, although Ella would have Ava beat on the bike. She can barely pedal her tricycle yet!