Monday, August 4, 2008

Lauren's "Under the Sea" Party...

Lauren had a late guest at her party. Signe's (on the left) mother had a farm in Payson that we farm now for them. My grandma grew up with Signe's mother also. She was her 4-H leader when Signe was a young girl.

This is Chad's Aunt Cindy and Grandpa Hummel.

Some of my family enjoying the kiddos swimming...
Here is the deck before the party started up.

Lauren's party area. I made her banner.

I obviously did not make her cake!

Dad helping Ella with her new purse that my sister brought her from Vegas. Notice her new Hannah Montana shirt that she also got. I'm not sure whose birthday it was!!!

Lauren playing with Amaya.

Chad and I got Ella a rocking horse when she turned one. So we thought it would be a good idea to get Lauren one. They're exactly alike... Lauren quickly learned how to climb on...

...and ride!

Here was Lauren's smash cake...

Kaleena was trying to help her figure it out..

...but Lauren just didn't like it! This part of the party didn't last too long. Ella loved her smash cake, but Lauren wanted nothing to do with it.

After we got her cleaned up, she opened her presents.

This was much more fun.

A karaoke piano from Anthony and Kara.

And a fire truck from Andy and Danielle.

Lauren taking her first dip with the kids that were swimming while she was opening presents.

Ella, Auston, and Amaya enjoying the pool.

Lauren swimming, and we cut off Coltin who is trying to jump in!

Ella loves to jump in the pool!

Lauren after her nap after the party! She slept forever, and then she had "crazy hair!"

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Wendy said...

Happy first birthday Lauren! That's too funny that she didn't like the cake!