Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Recognized by the Governor!

The family...with Ella sort of cooperating.

not cooperating.

IL Governor Pat Quinn

These are kind of dark, but we were kind of far away...3 Quincy Fire Fighters (Chad, Jerry Smith, and Jerry Mast) along with one Quincy Police Officer were recognized on Saturday, February 14th, by the Governor, John Sullivan, Jil Tracy, John Spring, and former Mayor Chuck Scholz for saving the life of 2 men with an AED...a heart defibulator...I'm not an expert but it's something that administers shock to someone who has had a heart attack.

Here is Chad speaking about the emergency call where they saved the gentleman's life. We're very proud of him!

Fire Chief Lauren

Chad and his parents, Mike and Kay.

Chad's Proud Mama!

Jerry Smith, Jerry Mast, Chad, and Chief Scott Walker, the head of the QFD.

Jerry S, Jerry M, and our hero daddy, Chad!

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Jessi said...

How exciting! I bet you guys were and still are super proud!!!