Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday the 31st was my 29th birthday! One more year til I'm REALLY old! My mom and dad came over and Chad's parents and youngest sister, Kaleena came to our house after dinner at the KofC's. Ella making the face that Lauren does ALL the time!

Lauren eating ice cream with "Papa Mike."

Super Ella...dun, dun, dun, da!!

This is the face Lauren makes when she "tells Daddy about it!"...(Lauren's life is so full of stress you know!)

Ice cream and Papa!

"Leeney" and Ella!

Us and me!

Us and Mom! :)

Leeney and Lauren

I'm not sure if they were ballerinas or cheerleaders!

the face

...and again!

Mommy and Ella! Chad and the girls got me a new digital camera. It is a Canon Digital Elph, and I love it!!! I had a great birthday. Chad and I dropped the girls off at Mammy Kay's on Saturday morning and went to a farm sale in Paris, MO. I really do enjoy them. We saw lots of Shelby Co friends, and had a great time. We stopped by the Farm Show in Louisville, KY for our honeymoon...(seven years ago!)...so why not a farm sale on my birthday!!?? We went to dinner with some friends Saturday night in Hannibal...and then Sunday after church went down and got the baby girls...it was a great weekend...and went to watch the Super Bowl at some friends house! Except the Cardinals lost...oh well! Now I'm mostly caught up!
Ella had her tonsils out the first part of January, and we stayed in the hospital after that. So we haven't been up to too much...work has been busy, and we're trying to get the bathroom(s) remodeled here shortly...it's always somehing, but we're almost done updating!! Yay!

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The Alexanders said...

Hey...watch what you're calling "really old"! :)