Monday, November 10, 2008

Anthony's Wedding Part I

My brother go married Saturday the 7th, and here are a few pictures that I got. I am hoping my aunt sends hers to me soon...she got some really good ones. Here is Ella. She was one of the flower girls. Chad and I stood up with Kara and Anthony, and Lauren just terrorized everyone ! :)

Ella's pretty hair. I am so happy how it turned out...and stayed up!

Lauren with one of many balloons she ran around with at the reception hall.

The pretty little flower girl.

The beautiful bride, Kara and Ella.

Hanging out before the wedding. Kara, her sister Kim, and my sister Danielle.

This is Ella's "new" smile...

...isn't it nice! :)


Amy said...

She was a beautiful flower girl, and it was a beautiful wedding. It was great seeing you guys!

Jessi said...

LOVE the pics! You all clean up nice :) Congrats to Anthony and a reason to get dressed up and party!